- As gaming get more and more mainstream, we'll continue to see family-oriented games rise to the surface - especially on those platforms that have a massive installed base, such as the PlayStation 2. And wandering around Fry's Electronics today, I noticed an interesting one I haven't seen talked about too much - 'Konami Kids Playground: Frogger Hop, Skip & Jumpin' Fun'.

This title, which was developed by Foundation 9's, MA-based educational game subsidiary Imaginengine, comes bundled with a 'dance mat' with 3 different colored and shaped DDR-style foot buttons to stomp on, and "...turns learning into a fun, full-body activity for your preschooler. Kids, aged 2 to 5, will love to jump, stomp and learn their way through each of these fun and educational games!"

There are also multiple add-on games to the initial bundle, including Dinosaurs Shapes & Colors and Alphabet Circus, and you know, I can't find obvious previews or reviews of these early September-released titles online (see Metacritic's blank, for example.) Hey, looks like John Davison's family-friendly game info site is, abstractly, a great idea, with 120 million PS2s out there, and plenty in the hands of adults with small children.