- OK, that title is totally harsh, but it got your attention, right? Hugh Hancock was kind enough to send us a note on the final, long-awaited release of his machinima movie: "We've just released the feature-length cut of BloodSpell - re-shot, re-edited and with 10 minutes of new footage (after we decided the old footage sucked) online under Creative Commons."

Wait, there's more, according to Hugh: "BloodSpell has been four years (and one month) in the making. It's a "punk fantasy" adventure story, about a world where some people are infected with magic in their blood. When that blood is spilled, the magic comes out, to harm or heal... We've got epic battles across clifftops, gladiatorial fights with enormous monsters, cockney guardian demons, love, family and all that good stuff."

BloodSpell itself runs 84 minutes long, and was made in Neverwinter Nights, interestingly - I'm guessing it's the most ambitious machinima ever made in that engine. There are also a bunch of (ever so slightly spoiler-y) screenshots over at the BloodSpell LJ blog, which also includes all kinds of press for the movie. Neeto.