- So, GSW pretty recently blogged about Points, the neat 1UP/GameVideos-published video series from notable chipmusician 6955, who is Canadian but lives in Tokyo - and he's back with Points Episode 1, in which "...we visited 2 fantastic little shops in Tokyo’s west side."

There's totally an awesome episode guide, too, which reveals: "Meteor is easily one of my favorite places in Tokyo. It has everything I love in one closet-sized space: cheap Famicom games, old school gaming memorabilia, game t-shirts, and music of all kinds. Meteor has also become an important meeting point for Tokyo-based musicians, illustrators, and graphic designers who come by to hang out and talk about their latest projects."

Also profiled: "For those of you who grew up in the 80’s, Suteki is like a magical dream closet full of all the awesomest stuff we lusted after. Game & Watches galore, Coleco tabletops, Vectrexes, and a bunch of Tomy robots." Dang, why aren't there more stores like this in the West? Or maybe there are, and we're just inattentive?