As we've already noted, the October 2007 issue of Game Developer magazine is out, and I actually wanted to highlight a neat new ad in the recruitment section at the back of the mag, whose cover (we've established!) looks like this:


We've previously covered Neversoft's super-spiffy custom ads for the magazine, which I think they make specially for us (at least, I haven't seen them printed anywhere else). And here's the latest one, which is in the October issue:

Neat! Pretty sure this isn't real graffiti, but it really is well done, and I thought it was a genuine photo for a little while. (Or isn't it?) Anyhow, the 'newsworthy' bit which is totally not newsworthy, of course, is that the final graffiti panel indicates that Neversoft are recruiting for Guitar Hero 4 and 'Hawk 10', the two titles they will be working on next after Tony Hawk's Proving Ground and Guitar Hero III. So there!

[As we noted last time: "At some point I'm going to get round to republishing a few other of Neversoft's recruitment ads for the mag, since I'm sure they won't mind. Suffice to say that at least two of them have caused significant consternation around the office regarding whether they were 'right' for a, uhm, family magazine." Elaborating somewhat - one involved an unborn skateboarder, and the other one was Christmas-themed and had a disturbingly clothed Santa in it. Hah.]