- You have likely heard of Ernest Adams' No Twinkie Database, based off his regular Gamasutra columns - but JC Barnett over at the Japanmanship blog has decided to switch things up with 'Good game designer! Have a Jammie Dodger!' - based on the awesome UK biccie.

Mr. Barnett explains: "Inspired by the “Good Ideas” series of posts on the Mainly About Games blog, I decided I too will actively try and look at some of the good design decisions that I wish more companies would pick up on (read: steal)." Some of the notables include 'Commentary', 'Full-power Replays', and, of course, 'Portal'.

One of the smartest ideas in there is 'Achievement Tracking': "Whereas most games simply say things like “win 1000 consecutive games on-line” or “play 100 hours straight without accessing the pause menu” so far I’ve only seen Test Drive [Unlimited] offer you a detailed overview of how far you’ve actually gone towards achieving these goals." I agree - would love to see this on a few more games - being a bit of an admitted Achievement junkie.