So we started up the GameSetVideo Treasures column, highlighting important historical game-related videos on the Internet Archive's Game Videos collection, and following a look at the subsequently cancelled Ultima X, we're back with a particularly neat upload - a new, but intentionally obscure Consolevania episode.

Now, I'm sure you guys remember Consolevania - those highly sarcastic, crazed Scottish game skit-ateers - but the interesting thing about this episode from their 3rd season is that it doesn't appear for direct download on their website. As the Wikipedia episode page explains: "25677-3 was released virally over BitTorrent, the reason given was that the fictional Sponsors of the show (introduced in Season 3 Episode 1) and Ziggy Springsteen felt that the episode was unfit to be released and that Rab and Ryan were to be suspended from further involvement with the show."

Now, I know Consolevania doesn't directly host this sekrit episode, but Andrew Armstrong tracked it down for archival purposes, and you can click on the picture below to get to download and streaming links on the site:

The Wikipedia page further explains of the episode: "In itself, it is not a conventional episode of Consolevania using dadaist and obscure sequences and parodies in both the reviews and sketches. Game footage is recorded in the 'classic' style of filming the TV with a video camera. The alternate name The Black Episode is in reference to The Black Album, an album by Prince, which was pulled before release, and featured a similar catalogue number."

And here's the rundown of exactly what's in the episode: "Reviews: Bioshock (360), Space Giraffe (360), Pipi & Bibi's (360), Zombie vs. Ambulance (PS2), Robin Hood Quest/Snow Queen Quest (PS2), GrimGrimoire (PS2), Railfan (PS3); Regular Sketches: Safe Gaming by Sammy Miller: Portables; One-off Sketches/Features: "In Defense of Beastiality" by Peter Molyneux, The head of Phil Collins, RATSAMAN LeGeORGE: halo cury (sic), Rab and Ryan play Wii Fit."

[Also, I see the Consolevania 'Shows' page is continuing with its elaborate storyline oddness this season, with a post-Episode 3 download of 'C', which is apparently: "Brought to you in association with Nascar 08. Includes a review of Nascar 08." Sellouts!]