- Aha, it's early in the week, but there's actually been a number of notable features on Gamasutra and associated CMP Game Group sites, so thought I'd throw them in your general direction all at once.

The ESRB and Kojima Productions articles are particularly edifying, I think - but who knows?

- This Game Is Not Yet Rated: Inside The ESRB Ratings System (Gamasutra)
"The Entertainment Software Ratings Board is a key part of the game industry, but do you know exactly how ESRB employees rate video games? Gamasutra spoke to Patricia Vance, president of the ESRB, to analyze the process and a day in the life of a game rater."

- Q&A: EEDAR's Zatkin On The Theory Of Achievements (Gamasutra)
"Do better achievements in games lead to better sales? Research group EEDAR claims games that with online-related achievements have 50% more sales, and Gamasutra talked to analyst Geoff Zatkin, who explained the findings, how achievements were born in MMOs, and the one 'masochistic' game with the overall hardest goals."

- - Blackwell Revisited (Game Career Guide)
"Independent game outfit Wadjet Eye Games recently released a 2D adventure title for PC, a seemingly manageable creation for an indie. Company founder Dave Gilbert shares the unexpected issues that cropped up during the development of Blackwell Unbound that resulted in it becoming a game he never intended to make."

- IBM, AMD, Nvidia, Intel Talk The Future Of Gaming Processors (Gamasutra)
"AMD, Intel, IBM, and NVIDIA were brought together to discuss the current state and future of processor designs as regards to gaming, touching on the PS3's Cell, the way in which consoles drive innovation in processor design, and more."

- Infiltrating Kojima Productions: Ryan Payton Talks Metal Gear Solid 4 (Gamasutra)
"Metal Gear Solid 4 is one of the most significant video games of 2008 -- but what design decisions and artistic sensibilities are going into the game? Gamasutra talks to Kojima Productions' Ryan Payton about the political and design-based underpinnings of MGS4."

- Opinion: 'Serious Games - Are We Really A Community?' (Serious Games Source)
"In this impassioned opinion piece, PIXELearning CEO Kevin Corti discusses the nature of the 'serious games' movement, suggesting that the fragmented nature of the sector, which includes games for education, business, health, and military uses, is adversely affecting business."

- Innovation in Casual Games: A Rallying Cry (Gamasutra)
"Casual games are sometimes criticized for 'lack of innovation' , but in this exclusive Gamasutra opinion piece, game designer Juan Gril compares classic arcade games to today's casual market, arguing for a blend of incremental and radical innovation to move the sector forward."