- Time to round up some of the original reporting we did on the CMP Game Group's big sister site Gamasutra this week, for the edification of GSW readers.

Actually, some interesting stuff has come up, from Raph Koster getting agreeably abstract about 'game grammar' to WBIE's super-powered future, all the way to our impressions of E For All. Please to enjoy:

- Defining Games: Raph Koster's Game Grammar
"Areae president Raph Koster is perhaps best known as a designer of Ultima Online and the previous CCO of Sony Online Entertainment, and in this in-depth Gamasutra interview, he discusses his views on 'game grammar', the uniting of MMOs and online worlds, and the software patent problem."

- Q&A: Warner Bros' Ryan Talks Expansion, Acquisition, Superheroes
"Following its $500 million game fund deal, Gamasutra has been talking with Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment senior vice president Samantha Ryan about the firm's new Seattle publishing office, developer acquisition plans, and the "pretty safe" assumption that the DC Comics owner will be making more superhero games."

- Impressions: Inside The 2007 E For All Expo
"Dubbed for some time as the legitimate successor to the spectacle that was pre-2007 E3, IDG's E for All has begun, and Gamasutra's Brandon Sheffield is on hand to present his day-one impressions of the Los Angeles-based consumer event, from publisher to consumer attendance."

- - Postmortem: Black Rock Studios' MotoGP'07
"In this Gamasutra-exclusive postmortem, David Jefferies of UK-based Black Rock Studios (formerly known as Climax Racing) follows up last year's postmortem of MotoGP'06 with an honest look at this year's Xbox 360 racing title, covering optimization, frontend, crowd systems and more."

- Survey: Code Outsourcing Rising Despite High Vendor Turnover
"According to a new Amritt Ventures report, while coding and QA outsourcing is on the rise, 27 percent of developers have fired three or more outsourcing vendors over the past year. Gamasutra talked to Amritt's Gunjan Bagla to learn what more can be done to better foster overseas relationships."

- Q&A: Iain Simons On Building A Better GameCity
"How do you create a gaming event without a focus on playing games? The same way you hold a book festival without sitting around reading books, says GameCity director Iain Simons, who explains how this year's Oct. 24-28th Nottingham event will again see a broader focus on experiencing games as culture."