-Aha, time for a 'trying not to be too annoying' GameSetNetwork update with some of our top originally reported stories from this week's line-up at our big sister website, Gamasutra.com.

There's a few interesting, allegedly awesome things nestled in here, such as a fun retrospective of the Commodore 64's gaming goodness, as well as Daniel 'Lost Garden' Cook's latest design article, the Cell chip co-creator explaining the method behind his madness, and quite a few more, as follows:

- A History of Gaming Platforms: The Commodore 64
"Gamasutra's first in a new monthly series sees game historians Loguidice and Barton debut an extremely in-depth history of gaming and creativity on the Commodore 64, from Archon to Maniac Mansion and beyond."

- Constructing Artificial Emotions: A Design Experiment
"Veteran game designer Daniel Cook follows up his much-discussed 'Chemistry Of Game Design' essay with a new, fascinating in-depth game design article discussing how to create emotions through games, from stimulus to biofeedback."

- Shaping Your Community: What Films Did, Games Must Do
"With The Lord of the Rings film trilogy, Peter Jackson did so to great effect, and Gamasutra looks at how Bungie's Halo 3 and Sony's PlayStation Blog are harnessing the same power - to give people 'relationships... with their entertainment idols.'"

- Road To The IGF: Fret Nice Takes Guitar Hero Controller Platforming
"Continuing Gamasutra’s ‘Road to the IGF’ feature, which profiles and interviews Independent Games Festival 2008 entrants, we talk to Bits & Pieces Interactive's Mårten Brüggemann, developer of Fret Nice, about his musical platformer designed for a guitar controller."

- Q&A: IBM's Kahle Talks Cell, PlayStation 3 Dev Complexity
"Following a recent panel on gaming hardware, Gamasutra spoke exclusively with James A. Kahle, IBM Fellow and the lead architect for the PlayStation 3's Cell chip, discussing the chip's genesis and recent questions over its ease of use for game programming."

- - GameCity: Frontier's Braben On Next-Gen Storytelling
"How can games become a truly mainstream medium? It's all in the story, says Frontier founder and Elite creator David Braben, who used examples from his forthcoming political thriller The Outsider to show the company's new devices for pulling players in with greater empathy and emotion."

- Q&A: The State Of Nintendo In 2007
"As Nintendo re-organizes, setting up new offices and riding the success of the Wii and DS, where do they go from here? Gamasutra quizzed Nintendo PR manager Eric Walter about new hires (including Konami's Mark Franklin), the Wii Zapper, the state of M-rated games on Nintendo platforms, and how WiiWare is progressing..."

- Language Is A Virus: A Talk With Pandemic's Tom Abernathy
"In this in-depth interview, Pandemic Studios’ senior writer/designer Tom Abernathy talks about writing for games such as the Destroy All Humans! series, the genesis of the studio's upcoming Saboteur, and... the surprising connection between Humphrey Bogart in Casablanca and Pamela Anderson in Barb Wire?"

- Road To The IGF: Global Conflicts: Palestine's Egenfeldt-Nielsen
"Beginning Gamasutra’s ‘Road to the IGF’ feature, which profiles and interviews Independent Games Festival 2008 entrants, we talk to Serious Games Interactive's Simon Egenfeldt-Nielsen, developer of Global Conflicts: Palestine about his serious game with a serious topic."

- Clearing the Haze: Rob Yescombe On Writing For An FPS
"Narrative is increasingly important in games, but in-house writers are still something of a scarcity - which is why Gamasutra sat down with Free Radical's Rob Yescombe, one of those, and writer for PS3-exclusive shooter Haze -- to discuss writing, politics, and motivation."