- Aha, time to see what's going on elsewhere in the CMP Game Group, including big sister site Gamasutra and similarly styled online worlds sibling Worlds In Motion - and there's actually some neat stuff in here, from columns to interviews through a new online worlds summit we'll be doing at GDC next year:

- Designing a Gameless Game: Sulka Haro On Habbo Hotel (Gamasutra)
"Sulka Haro lead designs web-based online world Habbo Hotel, which has 80 million registered users and 6 million uniques per month. But what can the game industry learn from this 'gameless game'? Gamasutra chats to Haro about Habbo, Scrum, and 'game grammar' to find out."

- Persuasive Games: Casual As In Sex, Not Casual As In Friday (Gamasutra)
Ian Bogost's latest 'Persuasive Games' column provides a new definition for casual games and their prospects, citing the Zidane Head-Butt game and suggesting: "If Casual Friday is the metaphor that drives casual games as we know them now, then Casual Sex might offer a metaphor to summarize the field’s unexplored territory.

- Virtual Worlds Conference: Ironstar's Joakim Achren Discusses Mobile Virtual Worlds (Worlds In Motion)
"It seems that mobile connectivity to virtual worlds is right on the horizon. But what about a virtual world actually self-contained in a mobile phone? At the 2007 Virtual Worlds Conference, Ironstar Helsinki CEO Joakim Achren demonstrated and discussed MoiPal, his company's mobile virtual world that works on basic Java handsets."

- - Q&A: Gala-Net's Young Talks PlaySpan RMT Deal (Gamasutra)
MMO firm Gala-Net (Flyff, Upshift Strikeracer) has announced that the firm will provide RMT (real-money transactions) in its upcoming titles, thanks to a deal with PlaySpan - we sat down with Gala-Net VP John Young to discuss why current unlicensed trading is like "drug deals gone bad".

- Building An Empire: Koei's Generals On Their Strategy (Gamasutra)
"Japanese-headquartered Koei has slowly built its success in the niche of Asian-history themed action titles like Dynasty Warriors, but is trying a Western expansion with a Canadian studio and titles like Fatal Inertia. Gamasutra sat down with three of the company's senior staff to find out more."

- 2008 Worlds In Motion Summit Announced (Worlds In Motion)
We're delighted to announce that we'll be hosting the first-ever Worlds In Motion Summit, to be held on Monday, February 18th 2008, as part of the 2008 Game Developers Conference - about which initial information has just been released. The one-day summit will focus on the intersection of online worlds and games, and there's an overview for the event on the GDC 2008 Summits page."

- IGC: Wideload's Seropian Talks Company Commandments (Gamasutra)
"'Own Thine Own Intellectual Property' and 'Keep Thine Overhead Low' were just two of the Wideload Commandments company CEO Alex Seropian detailed in his keynote at the 2007 IndieGamesCon, where he broke down the studio's formula for indie success and demonstrated its first Wideload Shorts game."