- So, got a couple of items that I'm hoping you smart, influential, and otherwise not-horrid GameSetWatch readers can help with - both with advice and, my word, actual paid work relating to us here in the CMP Game Group. And these are as follows:

1. GameSetWatch/Gamasutra advertising advice?

One of the things we'd quite like to do on GameSetWatch (and even on big sister site, Gamasutra, should the opportunity present!) is to have some appropriate, niche consumer game advertising on the site. Now, although people like Sony's PR agency do actually occasionally ask us to submit for a campaign, I think it's more under the assumption that we're a Joystiq or Kotaku-sized site - which we are definitely not.

So what I'm looking for is either suggestions about to how to acquire the kind of sensibly niche/indie consumer game ads that would fit our properties the best (think Atlus, EVE Online rather than Sony or Electronic Arts - is there a niche ad network for that?)

Or alternatively, we wouldn't mind expressions of interest from game or game-related companies who understand what GameSetWatch (or Gamasutra from a consumer standpoint) stands for, and think they could be handy tools in raising their profile and making them money through advertising. Either way, please contact us if you can help.

2. Gamasutra Hourly Handyman Help Needed

Secondly, we've been looking for someone to help us out on sister site Gamasutra on an irregular basis, specifically related to those kind of 'handyman' tasks that just don't seem to get done around here - but we can outsource to a helpful, willing individual.

Some examples of the work include - cleaning up and/or concatenating the information on a number of the older info pages on the site (using Dreamweaver and writing-style skills), laying out old features in our new format, handling some basic customer support with lost passwords and so on, and also helping convert items from the old Gamasutra store into the old one (no coding skills necessary).

Most importantly, this person should be available during the week to communicate via IM, at regular office hours (between 9am and 5pm PST) - doesn't have to be every day, but at least some days. Would suit a smart student, or maybe a freelance journo who has a bit of spare time, but whoever it is needs to be a decent writer and also not mind doing some 'grunt work'. Will start out at just a few (5-10) hours per week, but might well increase. Again, please contact us - including background and links to a couple of written pieces - if you're interested.