- You know what, it's relatively seldom (let's say - never?) that an anonymous game weblog turns up spurting lots of good, little-known, exclusive information about game projects into the ether. But that's just what the 'Surfer Girl Reviews Star Wars' blog has been doing in recent weeks, and we at GSW are wondering - who the heck is behind it?

The blog has actually been going for a couple of months, mixing political and tech commentary with game-related posts, and has become well-known mainly for a post with initial details on Team Bondi's L.A. Noire, alongside a couple of screenshots of Prince Of Persia 4. So, sure, this could all be a load of rubbish - but if you look through other posts, it very clearly isn't.

For example, there's an earlier 'quick bits' post which has some well-hidden info - for example, the fact that Manhunt 2 was being developed at Rockstar Vienna (before its shutdown) is vaguely known, but mentioning Max Payne 3 too is getting pretty obscure. Also the Brutal Legend URL info is smart and on the money (and also recently echoed by Shacknews.)

In the resolutely non-game related arena, there's also some v.smart research on Blackwater editing Wikipedia, done before Wikiscanner made it easy, and this mysterious person's alternate blog, Such Things That Never Was, has just posted info on a canceled, Amped 3-style update of the Links series that sounds, to me, completely on the money - and which hasn't been discussed in public in this much detail before.

In conclusion - these are both blogs to watch _very_ closely, because whoever this person is (I only have one guess, and I'm pretty sure it's wrong), they have access beyond normal industry player or even high-end press levels. Or they're just on exactly the right l33t mailing lists - one of the two! Let's see what the Surfer Girl busts out next, eh?