- Over at Gamers With Jobs, a (fairly) recent post discusses the apparent 'Copy And Paste Coverage' for a story about a recent Gamers With Jobs podcast in which Bioshock's Ken Levine discussed the motion control on Factor 5's PlayStation 3 title Lair.

This is a subject I've discussed before - how story linking can go tragically wrong, and the site's Sean 'Elysium' Sands explains it like this: "What I’ve seen from the online news gathering business is that it is a casual and incestuous affair of farming from a handful of sites that do actual news gathering and simply rephrasing, which, as stories move through the chains, creates any number of potential inaccuracies and problems."

And so how? "Take the instance of our recent podcast with Ken Levine and what would become a story about his supposed defense of the PS3 game Lair. During our Games You Can Play Now segment as we were playfully criticizing Lair, Ken offered his opinion that perhaps developer Factor 5 had be coerced into using the Sixaxis motion controls, and went on to complain that lately companies seem so impressed with their own technology that it is getting in the way of good development. This would become characterized in the coming days as some kind of defense of Lair's widely panned control scheme."

As noted, this seems to have started from a bit of an inflammatory (but catchy) GameDaily Biz headline, 'BioShock Dev Defends Lair Motion Controls', and from there: "Outlet after outlet simply did what goes for news gathering these days, they rephrased GameDaily’s article in their own words, posted the exact same quotes misframed in exactly the same way, and suggested that Ken had carelessly leapt to the defense of Lair’s foibles as if he had no idea what makes a good game."

Sean is nice about Gamasutra at the end of this piece, but even we've had versions of this problem in the past - a slightly misplaced headline and the Internet as echo chamber makes truth just soar happily from the window. And yes, lazy reblogging is lagely to blame for this, as it feeds off the initial, hyped-up GD Biz headline. Check those facts, folks! [Via Croal.]