- This is a little bit close to the event, and we missed the first announcement 3 or 4 months back, but Bruno and Tina of the TNC Network, producers of GameHotel are putting on a new hybrid event in Zurich on October 19th and 20th.

As noted in the press release they sent over, GameHotel is a 'cross-media production' company that held a pretty interesting 'show'-type event at Game Developers Conference 2004 here in California, and has done various other carefully picked, game culture-aware events since at multiple European venues.

In Zurich this time, there's both a show and 'grand game battle' "...featuring Jade Raymond (Assassin's Creed), Cevat Yerli (Crysis), Gareth Wilson (Project Gotham Racing 4), Doug Church (LMNO / The Steven Spielberg project), and Alex Rigopulos (RockBand)", as well as a two-day game conference featuring a number of the same people, as well as ARG expert Adrian Hon and various local notables.

The GameHotel events tend to be bright, diverse, and very European, so it should be a fun time! Anyhow, if there are any GSW readers in the area who might be attending, tell us - we wouldn't mind some coverage for GameSetWatch/Gamasutra. Also coming soon on the ol' GameHotel radar, we apparently have: "GAMEHOTEL 'SEASON FIVE'. December 7-8, Paris. The new edition of the legendary Paris Extravaganza. GAMEHOTEL 'THINK TANK'. January 2008." The latter of these sounds... thinkytanky!