- Over at the 'Arthouse Games' site, Jason Rohrer has an in-depth preview of Kokoromi's 'Fez', a '2D to 3D' title that's been entered in the Independent Games Festival this year, and of which it's claimed: "This little gem is neck-and-neck with Braid as one of the most interesting and innovative games I have ever played."

It's definitely a cute, good-looking title - for which the system specs imply it might be aimed eventually for XBLA, according to Rohrer - and as he notes: "As the world swivels [from its 2D default], all sorts of formerly-mysterious details are brought into focus. Why could you both walk in front of a crate and also jump on top of it? Because the platform supporting the crate actually had depth, with room to stand in front of the crate." If you're not expecting it - or if you haven't played games with this style of gameplay - this kind of logic is magically awesome.

However, in the comments, N+ creator Raigan Burns has some interesting points: "I really think that this article should at least _mention_ "Super Paper Mario" or "Crush"... I really didn't feel like Fez blew my mind spatially, because I had played Super Paper Mario and experienced that sort of world/perception-manipulation happening. I was already aware of the possibilities; this doesn't mean that Fez is crap or anything, because it certainly is taking a much different approach to everything." But he still likes the game - for which there is a teaser trailer available - a lot, mind you.