- The sheer diversity and attraction of titles available on Xbox Live Arcade has meant I now own 60 XBLA titles, at this point, yikes. This week saw a really interesting downloadable title from Q? Entertainment, Every Extend Extra Extreme, and The-Inbetween has a detailed, thoughtful overview of the game, which is a remixed remix (!) of Omega's dojin shooter Every Extend.

Most interestingly, the title's gameplay differs majorly from the PSP remix of the title: "Every Extend Extra Extreme takes that original game down another direction altogether. The main “unlimited” game has no tiered levels or bosses, but single stages distinguished by visual theme and music. It has that old two minute time limit but this time it throws enough “time extend” items your way to perpetually increase the game’s duration into the hours-long range."

It's concluded: "Unlike Lumines, the music here isn’t just for ambiance and atmosphere. It is integrated into the gameplay which reacts (loosely) based on the track’s BPM and rewards the player for playing along to the beat... Above all, Every Extend Extra Extreme feels to be the closest realization of that Kandinsky-inspired experience that Mizuguchi has been trying to create since Project-K(andinsky), aka. Rez." (N0wak has also done some fun long-exposure photos as part of his impressions.)

Of course, as with a number of Q? Entertainment games - for example Meteos - Miz is more 'curator' of the concept than author. But like any good label, it feels in keeping with the brand, and most of all, E4 feels complex, fully featured, and well thought-out. Also, it has insanely, ridiculously big high scores as a key part of gameplay- thumbs up!

[UPDATE: Interesting comment by Nelson, disagreeing (perhaps correctly!) with my initially happy take: "I wanted to like this game, I really did. It's kinda cool and flashy, but the gameplay is terribly unbalanced. The unlimited game is entirely repetitive; it doesn't really get any harder. There's no challenge to playing it, either, you just hit the "explode" button before your shield runs out. No dodging, no aiming. The original Every Extend was much more subtle. The shooting game R4 is a little better, but also hugely repetitive."]