- The ever-helpful Atari Age has a post revealing Rob Fulop's 'Actionauts' for Atari 2600, for which they explain: "If you've spent any time playing classic Atari 2600 games, then you're likely familiar with Rob Fulop's work. While working for Atari, he created Night Driver and Missile Command." He then went on to make an unreleased title called Actionauts in 1984, based around controlling an onscreen robot.

However, according to the site: "Rob has recently decided to sell the only known physical prototype of the game and after the sale of the prototype he plans to produce a limited run of 250 Actionauts cartridges. You can learn more about Actionauts over at Rob Fulop's Blog and sign up here to receive information about the upcoming release of the game."

Guessing this one will be a hot ticket! And the gameplay sounds interesting/different, too, as Fulop explains in his weblog piece on it: "The main play screen features a single robot in a simple playfield maze, a “target”, in this case a piece of cheese, and a vertically scrolling command display at the bottom of the screen.... The play challenge in the game comes primarily from “debugging” .. with the player needing to remember what the robot last did, what went wrong, and find /fix the appropriate command (s)."