- We've previously trailed the competition, and now the TIGSource folks have pinged us to point out that voting is open for the 'B Game Competition' - a princely total of 29 games (one of which is a 100-game-in-1 'masterpiece'!) have been entered in the quest to find 'games that are bad in the right way'.

As TIGSource's Derek Yu explains of the 'bad games with some great personalities' competition: "Voting is subjective, of course, but you should aim to vote for the game(s) that dips the most deeply into the theme ("B-Games") and the medium (video games), with an emphasis on craft, passion, humor, originality, and entertainment value. Simple, right?"

If you want a vague starting point (written before the full set of games debuted), Indygamer points out that the Distractionware blog has posted a few of its favorites, explaining: "The overall standard is phenomenal. Practically everyone got a good grasp on the idea behind the contest and as a result, everything submitted is worth playing - be it for a cool gameplay mechanic or just a brilliant concept."

Some of those? 'Mondo Medicals', a 'cure for cancer' game including "counter-intuitive first person maze puzzles", 'The 100-in-1 Klik & Play Pirate Kart' by Team Glorious Trainwrecks Dot Com - yikes - and even 'Weißer Punkt in der Schwarzlücke', which is: "A parody of arthouse gaming! Complete with director’s commentary, trailers for upcoming releases, a gallery and a lengthy credit sequence." This, my friends, is what entertaining indie gaming is all about.