- You see, GSW appreciates Wired News' Chris Kohler because he takes some time to look around Tokyo Game Show and finding things off the beaten track, and we particularly dug his look at the Japanese student games being exhibited at the show this year.

As Kohler explains: "In the outer hall of Tokyo Game Show, Japan's many game-design specialty schools recruited potential students by showing off games that current students had produced. Some of them were pretty fantastic -- especially the students at Japan Electronics College, who'd made some pretty fantastic posters for their games."

Further down, it's noted: "TGS 2007 also featured the return of an old favorite: BloWind, a GameCube game developed by students at Digital Entertainment Academy. We actually covered this here on Game|Life not long after the blog began, and it's in much better shape now. The graphics look really nice, actually. They could totally ship this for Wii if they added motion controls for the fan..." We need to hear more about Japanese student games in the West, really.