- Via Alice's Wonderland Blog, she's pointed out Nerve.com's regular 'Sex Advice From...' column, which has enlisted video game designers as agony aunts/uncles this time round - and they make an eminently sensible go of it.

Oddly enough, the people participating are listed with just first name and (in a couple of cases) website links, but they appear to be a developer at Red Fly Studios in Austin on Mushroom Men, [EDIT: ex-]Ubisoft [and now A2M!] designer Heather Kelley (already crossing sex and games with aplomb via her Lapis project), the mysterious 'Jordan' (anyone?), and Randy, who certainly appears to be ex-Looking Glass and Ion Storm designer R. Smith, judging by the snapshot.

Smith actually has the best/dumbest answer, to 'How can playing video games make me a better lover?', and it's as follows (yes, it's NSFW): "Back in the eight-bit days, we used the term "Nintendo thumb," which meant one of two things: One, you played video games until the hours and hours spent manipulating the rough edge of the D-pad gave you that unique blister that hurt so badly you could barely hold the controller anymore, but you soldiered on anyway. Two, the freakish teenage-boy ability to stimulate the A/B buttons so rapidly one's thumb only appeared as a vibrating blur, a Schrödinger's-cat possibility-field type thing. So if clits are just D-pads and A/B buttons, my entire generation should be rock-star gods in bed."