- We believe we've mentioned this one before, but the MC Frontalot music video for 'It Is Pitch Dark' [YouTube version] has just been released, and boy, it's a potent mix of nerdcore, deep Infocom lore, and geeked-out retro props, thanks to the lyrical mastery of Frontalot and director Jason Scott.

The YouTube video description is a good start: "Front geeked around for an evening in a basement in Massachusetts. It got filmed in HD. Then Jason Scott made a whole video out of it. The song and the video are in service of Jason's upcoming documentary about text adventures, Get Lamp, but you get to enjoy it now. Peek the cameo by Steve Meretzky."

For those wanting to read the full lyrics, there's plenty of references to classic text adventures from the charmingly mellifluous Frontalot - his official site frontpage has a link to the MP3, too:

"You are likely to be eaten by a grue.
If this predicament seems particularly cruel,
consider whose fault it could be:
not a torch or a match in your inventory.

...none of whom are too concerned about Nord & Bert,
not one of whom ever aimed a fish around the room,
trying to get it in the ear canal because doom
beset the last planet they were on, or near
the verge of a set of poetics they wouldn’t hear."

Scott's 'ASCII' blog has links to high-res versions of the video, including resolutions as high as 1280x720 (!), and he links to a bunch of other posts he made about making the video, and mentions happily: "Would I do it again? I'd be setting up the first shot before you got halfway through the request." Certainly makes me grin - go check it.