- So, there's a new game blog in town from a slightly unconventional source - IEEE Spectrum, which is the magazine/website of the gigantic professional tech association, has started 'The Sandbox', a site in which "David Kushner, Rob Garfield, and Harry Teasley blog about the latest in gaming."

It's an interesting mix of writers, actually - I remember Teasley's name from the original Half-Life, and as he blogs in his intro: "The highlights [of the] games I've worked on are Civilization, Doom PSX, Half-Life, and most recently, Lord of the Rings Online: Shadows of Angmar. The lowlights would be... hmmm, probably Double Dragon V, and Dr Floyd's Desktop Toys." Good/youch. And Garfield is a joint academic/gamer with some neat perspectives.

But maybe the most interesting blogger on board is David Kushner, who wrote the excellent Masters Of Doom, as well as a recent Wired article on the cyberstalking of Linkin Park's Chester Bennington (!) that I thought was absolutely riveting - albeit not game-related. In any case, he's been extracting John Carmack interviews from his book, as well as commenting on 'The Dawn of eToys'. Overall, the blog is all just a _little_ pedestrian thus far, mind you, but bookmarkable nonetheless.