- Over at a new discovery of mine, Stranger109's machinima-centric blog, they've tracked down Hugh Hancock to quiz him on his new book 'Machinima For Dummies', apparently a fine attempt at a comprehensive machinima tome good for a range of expertise levels.

Hugh actually contributed a chapter to my 'Gaming Hacks' book for O'Reilly, and in this interview promoting his new co-authored book for Wiley, he has some good insights on the different machinima flavors, I think:

"There’s a continuum on which machinimators tend to live. At one end is “Inside Out” machinima where creators tend to make movies from with in the game.... From the other end you have people coming from the direction that I come from, which is “Outside-In”, where you have a creative person or persons looking for a way to tell stories and they see machinima as a potential tool."

Stranger109's Robert Jones has also reviewed 'Machinima For Dummies' now, noting: "Hancock and Ingram have done machinima a great service in providing the most comprehensive resource available to date. And while the inevitable Monday morning quarterbacking will take place in the forums about the Second Life snubbing and the lack of Garry’s Mod coverage, the book as a whole remains an impressive effort and will serve as a resource for machinimators for years to come."