- Over at unofficial but rather fun GameTap blog Angled Whiteboards, their latest game announcement post reveals: "Today we launch our first titles under the GameTap Indies banner: Blast Miner and Morning’s Wrath."

GameTap Indies was originally announced back in February, and was part of the PC gaming service's sponsorship of the Independent Games Festival [DISCLAIMER: for which I am Chairman]. And actually, Blast Miner was one of the special IGF prizewinners that got a $5,000 advance against appearing on the service, which is cool. And GameTap has a GameTap Indies submission form now, too, for those who want to put their titles forward.

When discussing these new titles, Angled Whiteboards' xamount comments: "I’ve dipped into the fantastic Blast Miner a bit — it’s got a deceptively steeper learning curve than the “falling Tetris-shaped blocks” appearance would lead you to believe. The floaty, wacky physics are definitely a change of pace. And is the first time that a puzzler like this has allowed you to float dropped blocks back UP to reposition them?" Looking forward to seeing more indie titles appearing on the service v.soon.