- You thought you were going to get away without GameSetWatch rounding up our Tokyo Game Show coverage from Gamasutra & friends, didn't you? Well, no such luck, despite vague promises not to do it, since there's a few unique write-ups I wanted to point out from last week's extravaganza in Tokyo, as follows:

- Christian Nutt's analysis of the Tokyo Game Show show floor - and, by inference, the show itself - for Gamasutra was pretty interesting, I thought: "Still, it seems like the industry is, in some sense, holding its breath at this TGS, with the PS3 still struggling to find an array of compelling software -- particularly that which will appeal to its Japanese domestic userbase... few major titles were announced, and many are still far off. The 360 is in a holding pattern in Japan. The Wii is gaining little in the way of breadth of titles, if this show is any indication. Still, the array of games here points to publishers willing to try different things to capture a fragmenting and maturing game audience."

- He's in Texas, not Tokyo, but I got Danny Cowan to super-compile the actual, honest-to-god Tokyo Game Show game announcements, since "...this year's TGS boasted relatively few game announcements of its own, as most of the convention's featured titles had previously been detailed in Famitsu and in recent press releases." He picked off some interesting stuff, from Metal Slug 7 through Populous DS and Flower (Fl0wer?) - and it was handy, at least for my addled mind, to see it all listed together.

- The subtle shading of Kaz Hirai's Sony keynote kicking off TGS was, we claim, missed by many. The real story wasn't the delay of Home, or the Dual Shock for PlayStation 3, but the fact that Hirai "...staked out a policy of improving Sony's relationship with its development and user bases, as well as stating definitively that the PS3 should be perceived first and foremost as a gaming platform." This is, after all, quite different from Ken Kutaragi's keynote at TGS 2006, which emphasized much more abstract, slightly cuckoo things.

- While we're at it, some brief interview excerpts from our TGS correspondents - Marvelous Interactive (Harvest Moon) suggesting they'll open a U.S. branch within the next two years, Factor 5's Julian Eggebrecht discussing Turrican remakes for XBLA/PSN, theoretically, and Phil Harrison suggesting there may be more custom game controllers along the lines of the Buzz and EyeToy peripherals coming to the PS2.

- Finally on the Gamasutra front, since both of the folks we sent to Japan (Brandon Sheffield and Christian Nutt) speak Japanese pretty well, I hear we have some good personal-style interviews coming up with folks like Masaya Matsuura, Tomonobu Itagaki, and some interesting Grasshopper Manufacture personnel. I'm particularly excited by Brandon's promised Kenta Cho vs. Omega vs. Jon Mak showdown - it's bullet hell heaven!

[Oh, and a couple of interesting TGS points of view from folks we know: Game Girl Advance's Jane Pinckard (recently and sadly departed from the CMP Game Group) popped up on GigaOM, suggesting 'Tokyo Game Show: A Clouded Vision In A Web 2.0 World?', and Wired News' Chris Kohler sums up, a little deflatedly, as 'Final Thoughts: Tokyo Game Show Bigger, More Irrelevant Than Ever' - though he's talking more about Nintendo than Web 2.0. But either way, people seemed a little deflated by the show.]