- Since it's verging upon the weekend, time to debut some of the GameSetLinks we've gradually accumulated during the week, eh?

My preferred multitasking media to be consumed in the formation of this post is 'The Three Doctors' on Netflix On Demand, which is appropriately surreal for a Friday sojourn. Anyhow, here goes:

- You may have heard that the World Series Of Video Games is canceled, but why is that, which of the three or four pro gaming circuits is this, and how does it change professional gaming? The editorially independent GotFrag.com has a neat article summing up the effect of WSVG's axing on the community, explaining: "CGS managed to steal the limelight from WSVG in 2007 and overshadowed the events they ran all over the world... Major League Gaming, parent company of GotFrag.com, also continued to be the dominant player in the console space, with EVO being the premier fighting game event and Madden tournaments largely run by EA itself. This left little room for WSVG in a crowded space of growing competitors." More coverage on the GotFrag homepage.

- Textfiles.com's Jason Scott has posted an intriguing article with an important piece of Infocom/Activision-related history - a video interview with Steve Meretzky on "the never-finished "Planetfall II: The Search for Floyd" (or Planetfall III, as it was sometimes called)." It's from an old CD-ROM cover-disc, and Scott adds: "The disc also contained a (again, only workable through the DOS program) preview of this version of Planetfall, including initial graphics and screenshots." This also has been posted online by Mr. Scott, who deserves kudos for resurrecting neat game history.

- Blatantly borrowed from a post on Petri Purho's Kloonigames blog, there's some great indie prototyping links, as he notes: "Martin (of prototyprally and Argblargs fame) has been running this interesting series of articles called: “The games that didn’t make it”. In the series he introduces some of the games that he has created in the past that were never published. He openly shares the early prototypes of these games, so you can get a pretty decent idea why he decided not to finish those games." The more failed prototypes we can see, the more we learn.

- Apparently I had completely missed this announcement, but GarageGames' IndieGamesCon is happening again next month in [EDIT: Eugene!], Oregon, and they've posted IndieGamesCon sign-up details on the GarageGames blog. Sure, the conf tends to be a bit of a Torque lovefest/developer conf rather than being indie scene-wide, but that's rather valid in its own way - and GG CEO Josh Williams mentions: "We've been a bit tight-lipped about what we're working on here in the Garage, but at IGC we plan to blow the lid off of our activities and talk about the future direction of Torque and amazing new publishing opportunities for Indies." Probably including blancmange!

- Justin 'Taintmonger' Leeper is a freelance journo, game writer, and wrestling/stuntman type all at once (impressive!), and he's posted 'Short Live the Queen! Assassin's Creed Live-Action' on YouTube - something done (a little late?) for a Ubisoft competition. It's got some grinworthy stunt choreography and amusingly iffy camerawork, and Leeper bemoans some of the hilarious user criticisms on his LJ: "Some of the things people complain about... My facial hair; I didn't have the wrist-knife apparatus brandished by the game's star; The slow (i.e. REAL-TIME) speed of the fights; The fast speed of the credits; The Queen looks like my "mom"; The set looks like it's out of Ninja Gaiden; The fact that I have all my fingers (unlike the game's star)." Yeah, lose the fingers already!

- At GameDaily BIZ, Kyle Orland is looking at 'the most controversial bits of game writing from the last few years', in two parts - so this week is #10 to #6, for those who adore their countdowns. Anyhow, many of the items will be familiar to those who hang out on GAF a bit too much, and include the oft-repeated phrase "There's probably no game journalist out there more polarizing than Tim Rogers", and also the death of the GameLife video show ("The final bit of weirdness came when one of the hosts, Andrew Rosenblum, was arrested for making threats in the wake of the Virginia Tech massacre. Now that the train wreck is over, the only question is what else to watch.")

Finishing some even more left-over, brain-expanding links on a line by line basis:

- 2D Boy posts the first World Of Goo trailer - mm, goo!
- NeoGAF points out a bunch of AM2 arcade show videos - long live arcade?
- Microsoft's Andre 'Ozymandias' Vrignaud has had his wings clipped by Microsoft for his Croal betting spree. Shame.
- [EDIT: Beijing]-based online gaming don Bill Bishop gapes at a spectacular investment success - an $8 million investment in a Chinese MMO firm being worth $250 million after 12 months!
- On10.net, a Microsoft-sponsored video blog, has a look at Microsoft Research's Donnybrook experiment, "an FPS with hundreds of other players".
- Poking at referrers, spotted that GameTunnel's Russell Carroll has started the Video Game Business & Marketing blog. Bookmark now!
- We just tipped them a wink, but Kotaku's Bashcraft has a great interview with Q-Games up. Go Junk!
- Finally, GamesRadar presents 'Pokemon Money Shots'. Oh dear. Oh dear (pictured). Oh dear.