- So, you may remember that we recently asked for comments to help with reputational and specific direct-interaction comments from more than 300 game professionals, to help make up our Game Developer's Top 20 Publishers.

We're just finishing up the article itself, which is going to debut in the October 2007 issue of the magazine, alongside a a Game Developer Research report that will list all our the responses, comments, and detailed data. Look for the rundown to be released online in early October.

Anyhow, a lot of the anonymous 'reputational' responses ended up being somewhat polarizing and rhetoric-flecked. But when combing the comments, we kept spotting one particularly witty anonymous responder - and we thought his comments on some of the major publishers were worth printing in full here on GSW, for acerbic laughs, if nothing else:

"Activision - Solid - if unimaginative
Atari - First the good news. Bruno's gone. Now the bad news. Bruno's gone.
Codemasters - Plucky, intelligent senior management willing to take a risk.
Disney Interactive - Does what it says on the tin - and no more.
Eidos/SCi - Could yet grab defeat from the jaws of victory.
Electronic Arts - Currently in therapy.
Konami - Trying to be less Japanese. Currently failing.
LucasArts - Looking increasingly rudderless - the industry's biggest vanity publisher
Majesco - Two words - New. Jersey. 'Nuff said.
Microsoft - Succeeding in spite of itself. Will miss Peter Moore more than they know.
Midway - Sumner Redstone's folly. Spectacularly, almost entertainingly bad.
NCSoft - Playing the long game - and has the cash to do it.
Nintendo - It's their ball - and we can all play with it - on their terms.
Sega - One to watch - clever, nimble leadership who know how to succeed.
Sony Computer Entertainment - Sadly lacking leadership skills at the highest level - expect changes in 2008.
Take-Two - GTA 4 better be good.........
THQ - Looking a bit lost - despite some good work, does anyone know what is THQ for?
Ubisoft - The amazing Guillemots and their dedicated senior team run rings around slower, bigger competitors.
Vivendi Games - World class - in parts."

[Disclaimer: GameSetWatch doesn't necessarily think this arch wit is right. And fortunately, most responders to the survey were a little less flippant. We do think he's pretty amusing, though, whoever he is.]