- Now, we previously reported back in April that the highlights of Game Developer magazine's latest Salary Survey had been released - well now, over on our sister educational site Game Career Guide, there's a more in-depth run down of game industry salaries, taken from the very same survey.

There are plenty of graphs to check out, all surveyed from more than 3,000 responses from Game Developer and Gamasutra readers, who relayed their real-life salaries in 2006, and as is noted on the first page: "Programming is where the money's at. Unless your sights are set on becoming an executive of a game company, the most financially rewarding position within game development (not to mention the job that typically employs the greatest number of people) is that of a programmer. The average salary for a game programmer across all levels of experience has been more than $80,000 for two years in a row."

You can also compare and contrast to last year's salary survey, also available over at Game Career Guide. Of course, it doesn't have nearly as much information as the multi-year Salary Survey research on the subject, but then it doesn't cost $3,000 - rather, a couple of mouse clicks. Bargain!