- The Scottish game development scene, home of companies such as Crackdown creator Real Time Worlds, is in relatively bonnie health, and Brian Baglow, who runs ScottishGames.biz, kindly pinged GSW to note: "I'm the Screening Director for the Edinburgh Interactive Festival. For last month's bash I was asked to do something for the industry here in Scotland... I suggested something I've been wanting to do for ages - an actual film about the industry."

He then explains: "Now this could really have sucked - big time - but thankfully we've got a secret weapon over here in the shape of the Consolevania team. They agreed to do something and the Scottish Games Industry Fluff Piece [Google Video streaming link] was born. It was shot over three days (one each in Glasgow, Edinburgh and [EDIT: Dundee?]) the week before the festival and then edited and mastered in about four days max."

As Brian mentions: It evolved from a sort of promo piece, into a full blown errm, documentary type thing. It's something unique in the games industry I think - and it's well worth a look." Actually, it is - and needless to say, as Consolevania have got hold of it, it's very far from a 'fluff piece' - in fact, it's delightedly awkward and watchable. We already referenced the Google Video streaming link, but there's also a downloadable AVI version at the Internet Archive (part of a full Consolevania archive that relates to something I'll be talking about soon!), and even a BitTorrent version should you be so inclined. Huzzah!