- Hanging around the Kokoromi art-game posse's site, we spotted an interesting blog entry about a game culture video segment, explaining: "Jason, AKA 6955 who’s currently busy doing all the music and sound for Fez is also busy putting together this new show he’s producing for gamevideos.com."

And? "It's called Points and its slick as hell. Its about game culture, the kind of stuff you never hear enough about. Rather than go on about previews and reviews and products, Points is about the culture that was spawned and revolves around videogames. The first episode is about these 2 gamer’s bars in tokyo. Reason 9982373 to want to go to tokyo: they have bars for gamers. Definitely check it out. Its sexy and uses bolded helvetica as its font of choice. Oh, and music by 6955, too!"

6955, who is Canadian but lives in Tokyo, is a notable chipmusician, and he was also behind the recent Nintendo Museum documentary run on GameVideos.com - and which is very neat indeed. Also, look around 6955's site for stuff like his modded, circuit-bent projects, including 'Rapidfire Famicom Controller' and a host of others.