- Xbox Live Arcade game portfolio planner David Edery has an intriguing post on his Game Tycoon weblog named 'Working Without A Crystal Ball', and it discusses his attitude to indie developers and XBLA, as well as what indies can do to help maximize their success potential.

I thought this passage was particularly interesting, since it discusses a system of peers in both content and marketing at Microsoft who help rate submissions - and of marketing, it's mentioned: "But first (for all you marketing haters out there), let the record show that XBLA’s two most experienced marketing people have regularly out-predicted the rest of the “experts” on the team (myself included) when it comes to sales of upcoming titles. Unfortunately, they stumble where everyone else does… attempting to predict the truly big winners."

Edery's conclusion discusses both the platform and the developer approach to games big and small: "Publishers can also do well by placing many (small) bets across a wide area, while (as always) relying on established IP to help stabilize revenues. But independent developers need to find their own solutions. If quickly creating and sharing prototypes doesn’t work for you, find something else that does. Hoping to be “the next Blizzard” is great, but 99% of developers won’t be the next Blizzard. In the off-chance that your company falls into that 99% bucket, having a plan B could help."