- The excellent alt.news site Gelf Magazine, which generally doesn't have much to do with video games, has verged genuinely close to that territory with an entertaining article called 'What Games Can Humans Still Win?' that they've just posted.

As the intro explains: "Two weeks ago, a Canadian team of computer scientists announced in a paper that they had created a computer program that has solved the game of checkers (BBC). It took nearly 20 years and 50 computers to sort through the approximately 500 billion billion different checkers positions necessary to solve the game, making it the most complicated game that computers have completely figured out."

Now, the piece doesn't get all the way to 'non-solvable' or super-complex video games like, uhh, Quake, but it covers scrabble, sudoku, crossword puzzle, and other fun stuff, before ending with a taste of the future: "Schaeffer, the same man that helped solve checkers, also created a computer program to face off against two professional poker players (New York Times). While the bot system exhibited little in the way of tells, it eventually lost to the humans."