- Aha, got sent a note from the folks at the Toronto Game Jam, aka ToJam, which we've covered before: "We recently finished a backlog of game uploading and website design. Since I last emailed you we've added at least 16 new games!" This is the second iteration of the Jam, btw - and it's pretty neat to see what people can come up with in just 2 or 3 days.

It's noted: "There have been 19 more games added [to the ToJam 2007 website] such as... * Two by Two * Noodle * Emergency Response Team * Super Defender Robo * Speakeasy * Monkey Banana Blitz * Yarrgh! * Box Wars * Urban Tactics * Sex Drugs & T3chno * Killer Coding Ninja Monkey." Poking around a bit, Urban Tactics has pixelated zombies in a Flash game, for starters!

Oh my, and there's also a music game called 'Sex, Drugs And Techno' - terrible name, but free music rhythm games are not to be sniffed at, and even Yarrgh!, which is a DS homebrew title that runs in an emulator: "Defend your airship from the merciless air pirates with the help of your rocket." Feel free to recommend/disrecommend other games in the comments?