- Back to HDRLying, then, and a new editorial which is named 'Manuals and Tutorials in the years to come', and looks at a simple, but perennial dilemma: "For the most part, people seem to find tutorials intrusive and irritating if they’re too structured not integrated into the game, but find the game intensely unapproachable and inaccessible if no help is provided at all. What is a developer to do?"

Nayan then lists some must-dos for tutorials, and here's a couple that I particularly agree with: "Provide large manuals that don’t just offer redundant tutorial information, but also offer full color art, additional literature for the player, and some other extras."

Another notable one that a bunch of games I can think of break on a regular basis: "Don’t bother extensively teaching the player how to do simple movement, unless your control scheme is something whacky and/or new. Even new gamers are smart enough to figure it out, as long as you provide a simple correlation between the appropriate stick or button, and the action." But how do you completely stop obnoxiousness when learning a game, given the many different learning curves of players? Likely, you can't.