- Former Computer Games Magazine editor Steve Bauman has posted a thought-provoking piece on his weblog discussing what he calls 'The Death and Re-birth of Genre', and focusing on the strange renaissance of the commercial adventure genre - we covered this a bit before.

Bauman notes, by way of an overview: "At one point, adventure games were the biggest, most important PC genre... [but], with the gameplay stagnating, the technology falling behind, and the audience moving on to other genres, adventure games died. But they’re coming back thanks to casual games."

He then discusses the 'Hidden Object' casual game genre, and the evolution of that, explaining: "But a casual game like Azada takes that basic “Seek and Find” formula, adds in some additional bridging puzzles, and you end up with a game with a series of static screens filled with items to discover. You put these items in your inventory and combine them in order to open up additional areas... And it’s all wrapped up in a storyline, further driving your desire to “finish” the game. In other words, it’s an old-school adventure game." Full circle alert!