- One thing I really appreciate about GameSetWatch is that we tend to get thoughtful submissions from readers that fit the site, and this one from Hoang "PetitPrince" Pham is no exception:

"You and GSW's audience might be interested in this article I wrote discussing Tetris: The Grand Master. Originally written in French, but translated by a fellow Canadian Tetriholic, it talks about the far too unknown arcade evolution of the original Tetris, whose third sequel is still popular nowadays in Japan's game center."

He continues: "The article itself is a dissection of some of the game mechanics, how it is tailored to favors an highspeed, hardcore style of play (well, it's an arcade game, after all). It has a pretty solid community in Japan, and, despite the fact that it is legally impossible to find it outside the land of the rising sun, it also has some fans in Occident."

Indeed this version does have fans, especially at TetrisConcept.com, which I've previously mentioned on GSW - check out their TGM rotation Wiki entry to sample the hardcore, for example. And most of all, it's a shame that we'll be getting two new versions of Tetris on Xbox 360 this year in the West, but neither of them will be The Grand Master, as far as I can divine - even though it's out in Japan for X360!