- Matteo Bittanti was kind enough to point out that former Edge editor (and current 'journo about town') Margaret Robertson is updating her 'Downtime' blog with neat material about games - most recently a post about Masaya Matsuura's Vib Ribbon series of games.

She notes: "You'll probably remember Vibri - the angular rabbit that did rhythm gymnastics to your CD collection [in Vib Ribbon.] You probably won't remember Mojibri - the big-trousered gent who did rapping calligraphy in Mojib Ribbon, or Vibri's elastic return when she bounced all over your digital photos in Vip Ripple."

And then continues by ruminating of the titles: "So are they a trilogy at all? Or just three unrelated games from someone too lazy to think up a new naming convention? Absolutely. What Matsuura does is use the familiar to make the unfamiliar more palatable."

Also, Robertson is writing semi-regular game editorials for BBC News, and the latest takes an entertainingly perverse look at why games aren't always about socializing: " That image - of the lone figure hunched over a keyboard, curtains drawn against the intrusions of the afternoon sun, typing in vowel-less code to total strangers and peeing in a bottle to reduce time away from the screen - will persist, and it will persist because it's accurate." Good show!