- This is a cute piece of randomness related to GSW's big sister site Gamasutra, but we'll be darned if our swelling heads don't point it out anyhow, since there's an article in the August 2007 version of Games For Windows magazine which references our site.

Specifically, it's in Games For Windows' August issue, and it's within an article about Internet phenomenon(TM) Line Rider, created by Slovenian student Bostjan Cadez - and due to debut on DS and Wii soon. Heres the neat bit:

"'I knew it needed physics to be interesting', recalls Cadez. But he was an art student, not a physics major. So in the time-honored tradition of artists throughout history, he looked fror somethihg to copy. He found it in an article on simplified physics at Gamasutra.com, a website that focuses on the developer side of the industry. "The person who wrote the article explained everything with pseudo-code - really simple code", he explains. 'When I found it, I was thrilled.' Armed with physics code, he added the sledder to the drawing tools, and Line Rider was born."

Not sure exactly which Gama article it was (can anyone spot it?), but on this subject, we're very committed to adding even more quality technical articles on game development for everyone at Gamasutra. In fact, we've now hired Christian Nutt, most recently of Future's GamesRadar.com, as our new Features Editor, to help make Gamasutra articles ever greaterer, hurray! (More formal announcements on other CMP Game Group editorial hires and expansion plans coming soonish.)