- Aha, a brand new competition has been announced by Montreal art-game collective Kokoromi, and it's all about making low-resolution games, as follows: "Between now and November 1st, 2007, you have 70 days to create a game with the smallest and/or most irregular aspect ratio you can dream up. And then on November 28th, we’re throwing a giant party for your game, in Montreal. It is gamma 256."

And it's pretty neat, really - the results will be shown at an [EDIT: official closing party!] for the Montreal International Games Summit, and there's only two rules: "1. Your game’s resolution absolutely may not exceed 256×256 pixels maximum. 2. Your game must run on Windows XP and use an xbox360 controller." Straightforward enough, eh?

In addition, there are questions and answers already on whether 'blown-up' entries will be allowed: "The idea is that the games will be blown up to fill up big projector screens all over the venue. So yes, your “in-game pixel” may actually be 64 pixels on screen. BUT, you can't have smooth 1 pixel scrolling or rotations or things like that." So there. Looking forward to lots of horribly blocky entries - in a nice way.