- We recently pointed out that pseudonymous Japan-based game creator JC Barnett (ex of Japanmanship) was nice enough to write up 'Working In Japanese Game Development: The Facts' for us at Gamasutra.

Well, we've just posted the second article, subtitled 'The Other Side Of The Rainbow' over at Gama, in which Barnett "...explains a little more in detail the various roles you could apply for and some general insights into the development culture", talking as a Westerner currently employed at a Japanese video game developer.

Barnett sums up the (intriguingly slightly different) job types in Japanese game development, noting: "As you can see, most roles only differ cosmetically from Western job titles. If you have a decent amount of experience in game development in the West there is absolutely no reason you won’t be able to do your job in Japan with equal gusto. It’s only some of the cultural thinking and ways of doing things that can cough up some problems, but with a little patience these can be overcome or accepted."

After running down some honest but, as far as I can see, pretty fair impressions of the creative but in some ways hemmed-in Japanese game biz, he concludes, somewhat more happily: "I am acutely alive to the fact I may have painted working in Japanese game development slightly more negative than is ultimately called for. Sure, working in Japan isn’t all rosy, but with the right mindset you can get some things out of it. As I never tire of saying, Japan is a pretty decent place to live and even with the low salaries in the game industry you can, if you’re a prudent spender, live comfortably enough. For the focused applicant there is a real chance to be working on those games you love and that possibly drove you to Japan in the first place."

[PS - while we're talking about crazy but detailed Gama features, we just a couple of minutes ago posted the slightly insane, 13,000-word 'Breaking Down Breakout: System And Level Design For Breakout-style Games', of which it's explained: "How much is there to learn about Breakout-style brick-bustin' games? A heck of a lot, according to LEGO Bricktopia level designer Nelson, who has written possibly the definitive genre overview for Gamasutra, complete with design specifics, interviews, and much more." This is too much bricking for one man!]