- This actually popped up a week or so back, but hasn't got much play - 1UP has a fun little feature on 'Two Decades Of Leisure-Suit Larry', with Chris Kohler quizzing the supremely affable Al Lowe on the history of the lounge lizard himself.

The intro is a good set-up too: "The amount of sexually explicit scenes in every Larry game combined wouldn't fill a floppy disk. It was the comedy that made the games worth playing, and even that rarely rose above the level of PG-13 gags, sly references that the kids wouldn't understand anyway. Not to mention that the games had all the tricky puzzles of their family-friendly counterparts."

The quotes are a little short, and it's a couple of months late, but we do get some neat insight on why Larry was perversely... girl-friendly? "Although men were the vast majority of Larry players, says Lowe, the games attracted as many female players as King's Quest. 'What we didn't realize was that because I made Larry a loser, the women ended up being his superiors most of the time. That made women enjoy the games,' he says."