- Two of the higher-profile individual bloggers in the game biz are Newsweek's N'Gai Croal and MTV News' Stephen Totilo, of course, and their 'Vs. Mode' chat this week is full of the kind of pontification that GSW is particularly interested in - the future of 'short-session gaming'.

There is, of course, a Round 2, a Round 3, and a Round 4 to get through as well, because these guys can _talk_, but there's plenty of stuff in here that I substantially believe, especially this Totilo comment: "I like the idea that every couple of days there is a new game for me to play on the 360 or PS3 that I can download in the blink of an eye, have embedded in an easy-to-navigate menu of games, and that I can sample and judge whether I like it in just a few minutes. I feel that this is a more exciting way to be a gamer."

In addition, the dichotomy between short game styles that we love is dissected by Totilo: "As I began to think about the short games I’ve been enjoying, they all fit neatly into one of two categories. Twitch: “Meteos,” “Lumines,” “Pac-Man CE,” “Everyday Shooter,” and others all play out in rapid-fire bursts. They may start slowly in order to settle the player in, but soon enough they’re running at 100 mph. Thinking: “Picross DS,” even in its nerve-wracking multi-player mode is a thinking game and requires a sense of controlled, considered manipulation of the game." Good stuff.