- You just can't trust the reprobates at TIGSource, and their latest underhanded trick is to announce a new 'B Game Competition', raging until September 14th, with the object to make Clive Thompson feel silly, as far as I can make out.

As Derek Yu proclaims joyfully: "Just like cinema has its B-movies and cult cinema, video games has its B-games. They've got Ed Wood and Roger Corman, and we've got Jazzuo and MDickie. You've seen 'em, you've played 'em... we're talking about games that are bad in the right way."

And so? "By popular demand, TIGSource is sponsoring a competition to celebrate the creation of B-games! We want to see some bad games with some great personalities! Broken gameplay that works; low budget graphics that titillate the primitive and perverted parts of our brains; outrageous themes beyond the ken of normal human beings. We want to see bad games with that certain "je ne sais quois." Terrible, hilarious, sincere games that have the kind of moxie that can only come from the independent game community."

Totally awesome - the prizes are vague, but the concept is sound, and the competition was inspired by Jazzuo's own Sexy Hiking, a Game Maker game which is actually worse than it sounds on paper. If that's even possible.