- Well, we at GSW haven't been so keen on reporting the whole Ebert vs. Barker games as art thing, esp. because it's all a bit annoying, but fortunately, Ubisoft game design supremo Clink Hocking has saved the day with a post called 'On Authorship In Games' on his Click Nothing blog - one that takes the conversation into altogether less clammy waters.

Mind you, it still gets into some powerful definitional kung fu, as Hocking notes: "First, there is authorship in games, no matter how much we abdicate. The form of the authorship is different, and hard to understand, but no matter how much we try to abdicate it, it will always remain. It is undeniably there, and it is inextricable from the act of creating a game. Second, interacting with a work does not shape the work, it ‘only’ reveals it. Therefore, while there can be an art of expression in the way someone reveals the art, this does not necessarily diminish the art in the design of the work itself." And it gets wiggier from there.

But then, even wackier than the argument is a series of deranged posts by a 'concerned Canadian citizen' called 'insert coins' in the post's comments, who rages (in one of 10+ posts!): "Dear Clint, Tell us, as a Game Author, ::: What does we, canadian citizen, gets in return from our collective investment in your career? ::: What do you do of 35% of your salary that is STILL TODAY paid by the canadian citizen?"

He's referring to Ubisoft Montreal's tax/financial support by various parts of the Canadian government, and seemingly conflating it with game-art issues in a kerrazy fashion, but as commenter Diego notes: "Dude, you've been ranting about this since 11:40 last night. That's like 17 hours non-stop." Oh, the Internet!