- So, a couple of Independent Games Festival that we'd like to point out (DISCLAIMER: I help run the IGF alongside good lieutenants Matthew Wegner and Steve Swink). In the first case, the organizers have announced that "...finalists and winners of this year's festival will be awarded with free assistance and consultation with 'Game Attorney' Thomas H. Buscaglia."

This is neat news because, from what I heard, many IGF finalists nowadays do get hit with approaches from publishers large and small - and knowing what to sign and how in terms of distribution/publishing contracts is absolutely a big deal in today's indie game market. Many thanks to Buscaglia, one of the most developer-friendly lawyers around, for stepping up to help out here.

Anyhow, on to the main part of this post, which we've previously mentioned on GameSetWatch, is that the Australian Center For The Moving Image has been putting on an IGF exhibition (which may be extended - look for info on this soon!) Anyhow, I got round to scanning in the neat brochure and some fetching postcards they've been giving out alongside the Melbourne-based exhibit, so here they are...

Info on the exhibit overview and the playable games there-in.

More info on some of the featured titles in the exhibit.

Postcard 1: Castle Crashers, by The Behemoth.

Postcard 2: Everyday Shooter, by Jon Mak of Queasy Games.

Postcard 3: Samorost 2, by Amanita Design.

Postcard 4: Aquaria, by Bit Blot.

Postcard 5: Fizzball, by Grubby Games.

Postcard 6: Roboblitz, by Naked Sky Entertainment.