- Aha, the second half of the GSW mini-links, this time wandering around between everything from scary rapping competition winners through to classic Infocom science fiction text adventures. No, really, you're welcome:

- Parappa Psychosis Taking Hold: Over at PlayStation.com, they've put up the winner of the Parappa Rap Showdown competition, and it's deeply, deeply scary: "We gave you the beat, you gave it your all. Here is the PaRappa the Rapper Chop Chop Master Onion's Rap Showdown Winner. Adam S. is going to PAX (Penny Arcade Expo) at the Washington State Convention and Trade Center in Seattle, WA, August 24, 25 and 26, 2007, with a friend." But will he still be over-enunciating?

- Selective Love For The Matrix Online?: I seem to remember that Alice pointed this out, but MMORPG.com has pointed out the SOE Fan Faire panel on The Matrix Online, showing some rather selective appreciation for one of the more neglected SOE titles: "Attendance at this panel was modest, a total of 12, rising to 15 as a few drifted in after the panel started." Really, what's the subscription numbers for keeping titles like this alive and kicking? Must be lower than we all think.

- Science Fiction Vs. Interactive Fiction: The Adventure Classic Gaming site has a fun article called 'Science fiction meets interactive fiction', starting: "Despite the diverse subject matters which these games eventually embraced, science fiction remained as the most common alternative theme explored by interactive fiction." Neat, erudite stuff.

- Games Go Graffiti: Well, not 'graffiti' - 1UP has an article called 'Taking Controllers To The Streets' which grins in the intro: "There are videogames that feature graffiti as either a gameplay mechanic or an aesthetic device to create a certain urban effect, people who do the opposite and create street art based on their favorite games, and the inevitable marketing teams who see the perceived instant cool factor of street art as a sure-shot way to get into the minds (and pockets) of a new generation of consumers." Fun piece.

- Super Columbine - The Documentary: Whatever you think of Danny LeDonne, he's a committed guy, and the UK Guardian Gamesblog has an interview with him on Super Columbine Massacre RPG and his upcoming documentary on his own game. As noted: "Ledonne has some controversial views, not just on his own game, but on its consequences and ramifications."

- The End Of Cloning: Aha, Gamezebo has an article called 'The End Of Cloning', which talks about why casual games are getting so relatively sophisticated that they're becoming unclonable. True? Not sure, but it's got a great intro paragraph: "In 1992, Francis Fukuyama wrote The End of History, in which he boldly proclaimed that with the end of the Cold War, the historical struggle between competing ideologies is over and liberal democracy has emerged as the victor."

- Gamma Bros Go For The Win: Pleased to see an interview with Pixeljam, creators of Gamma Bros, over on Planet Free Play, and I'm really happy to see Miles Tilmann's response to 'At what point did you start taking game development more seriously? ': "Probably after the release of Gamma Bros. Before then I didn't really take the whole flash gaming thing seriously, nor did I think one could make money doing it. The whole landscape seems to have dramatically changed in the past couple of years and we are happy for that. Also, going to the Game Dev Conference really charged us up about creating games for a living."

- Hard Time Creators Speaks Out: Indygamer has spotted that GameShark.com has been running some good indie interviews, recently chatting to perennial indie fringer Matt Dickie, who has made titles from wrestling to, uhh, prison sim and beyond. And he has sass: "I already censor myself quite a lot! My style is supposed to veer into Quentin Tarantino territory, but it all gets lost in translation."

In random, final links, Shoot The Core points out that Comiket 72 is coming soon, and there are all kinds of super-smart dojin titles debuting there. Yay! Oh, and David Sirlin posted the videos from his Super Street Fighter II tournament on his blog. Watch him go!