- Now, you may recall that we were looking for a features editor for Gamasutra a couple of months back - a position happily filled by GamesRadar, GameSpy, et aliis veteran Christian Nutt, in the end - he's marauding out and about on our behalf already.

Well, this time we're back for more, since we're going to be expanding our already-successful Game Developer Research division, and we're asking the GSW public if you know anyone who loves games, but also isn't scared by a little analysis, to fill a Research Editor position that also works on Game Developer magazine. Our handy HR people put up an ad on Craigslist, so I will cite the relevant bits from it:

"The position of Research Editor is responsible for overseeing the content and editorial vision for our new product, Game Developer Research, including commissioning, editing, and publishing monthly research reports for sale. In addition, the Research Editor will work with Game Developer magazine to author and broker technical and research stories, largely based on the research.

Primary Responsibilities include:
• Working with the Product Manager of Game Developer Research to devise a full schedule of research reports, then commissioning and editing the articles for monthly debut.
• Managing the editorial budget for research.
• Ensure the research articles are correctly laid out, fact checked, and published for paid download.
• Work on the Game Developer technical and research magazine articles, including the annual Front Line Awards.
• Technical product review co-ordination (also sometimes research-related)
• Write the magazine versions of the research reports – which are anywhere from news to feature-sized."

Obviously, what we've published so far is the Salary Survey research, plus the Game Developer Census. Moving forward, we'll be doing regular research into online worlds, as well as a Top 20 Publishers research paper (greatly expanding the magazine coverage for it!) and a great deak of other interesting material - much of it never properly looked at, and with direction to be decided by whoever takes this position.

So if you think you have a careful analytical mind and great game industry knowledge - you will be commissioning and directing research, not writing it from scratch, incidentally - go ahead and apply via the official job ad email address - [email protected]. The position is full-time, with benefits, and is based in San Francisco, in what we like to call the 'Wired-Ziff-CNet Triangle', just south of Downtown. Journalists get lost in it, you know!