- Firstly, thanks to those readers who responded to our previous call for help on attending far-off game conferences and reporting for Gamasutra - we got help with both Leipzig and Edinburgh coverage from GameSetWatch readers, and we thank you guys heartily for it. But now, we have a tougher assignment - next week's GDC China event in Shanghai!

Our original freelancer who was covering the inaugural event had to drop out at short notice, so we are looking for someone in Shanghai who was going (and/or is interested) and can spare some time from August 27th-29th to send us notes from some of the major and minor lectures.

This first GDC China event, which is co-organized by CMP and IDG, has keynotes by folks from Epic China and Sony Online, and a whole heap of interesting lectures, all of which are also available in English, even if the source language is not originally that.

Anyhow, our Group Director Kathy Schoback (formerly of Sega and Ageia, among others!) is going and will be helping us with some notes, but obviously, asking your boss to be a journalist for you is a tad embarassing, so we'd love some more help there - please contact us if you are attending and can pass along raw notes from sessions. (Payment in mag subscriptions/dollars will be provided.)