- Last night, something amazing happened. I was at a university reunion, and happily and accidentally enough, the keynote/commencement speech was from noted Deus Ex game designer Warren Spector. Mind you, I didn't catch up with him straight away - not until I was browsing in a junk shop close to the reunion.

Turns out I was looking through a box on the floor filled with old games, and picked up a Sega Saturn title. Hm - black cover, cool-looking, vaguely Blade Runner-esque ships on the front. Wait, is this... it's got the Deus Ex name attached to it?

I flip the game over quickly to check the screenshots, only to discover blasting action over dark futuristic cityscapes, and what appears to be a 'lost' 2D vertical shooter prequel to the Deus Ex series. So maybe this was the 'lost' prequel in the same way that Deus Ex Clan Wars (which I discovered when at Slashdot) was a 'lost', morphed into Project: Snowblind-ish sequel?

As if on cue, Warren himself appears at my shoulder, pointing out an obscure Saturn print magazine in another of the junk store boxes. He leafs through it to the classified section, where pictures of vaguely Matrix-esque black-clad girls take up small panels of the page, with cryptic ARG-like adverts for the game.

Spector grins and muses that around 12 models auditioned for the ads, and 3 were picked. Apparently, one of them is a famous movie star now. But as for the game? He tells me there were some management disagreements about the marketing and the obscure direction of the Saturn Deus Ex shooter, and in the end, only about 1,000 copies made it out there. I'm now holding one - but I can't believe I haven't heard about it before.

And then I wake up. And realize that none of the above is true, even though I'd imagined it to an entirely unnecessary level of detail - I swear I haven't embellished any of the above, and I rarely remember that much from my dreams. Apologies and bemused glances to Warren Spector (who now has a weblog, incidentally) for my dream-addled brain deciding to invent this train of events.

But, c'mon, I'm sure GSW readers can do as good - or at least, weirder. What's the best, strangest, or most rephensible dream you've had about video games? Bonus points if it includes Derek Smart, Cyan's Manhole, or obscure Neo Geo Pocket Color RPGs, and don't even bother if it's something sexual involving Birdo. Honestly, kids today!