- Gamasutra's new features editor Christian Nutt has been covering GameFest in Seattle for us this week, and I just wanted to point out some particularly good Xbox Live Arcade-related Powerpoint slides that he's posted with news supremo Brandon Boyer's help this afternoon - it's by far the most solid information we've had on XBLA stats in a good while.

Unfortunately, there are no precise sales numbers, but there's overall "...predictions of 45 million downloads and more than 100 games on Xbox Live Arcade by the end of 2007, as well as a 156% average financial return over 12 months for Xbox Live Arcade titles published so far."

More to the point, there are relative usage and sales rankings on XBLA games: "Looking specifically at usage in 2007, Xbox Live Arcade has seen the most players on Konami's arcade port TMNT 1989, followed by Worms and UNO. Looking at length of session, casual games rule, with Jewel Quest, Hardwood Spades and Catan ruling the category. Finally, by minutes, card games again took top honors with UNO and Texas Hold'em, followed by Worms."

In addition: "Showing a classic long-tail trend, Coates noted that the first two months of Xbox Live Arcade titles only account for around a third of its sales, with revenues continuing to come in at a steady pace over the following year." There's also a great graph (albeit missing what the left-hand axis, damn you!) showing how overall purchases have spiked at a lower level with the launch of Arcade Wednesdays, and at a higher level still with the Castlevania/TMNT doubleheader recently. This is all much better data than we've seen before - ie, almost none! Go look at the graphs if you don't believe me.

[Also, if you want to check out the rest of our GameFest coverage, it includes the Chris Satchell keynote discussing XNA Game Studio 2.0 and other notable dev announcements, plus the Dream-Build-Play contest winners, 4 of which are coming to XBLA, alongside sessions on engaging the community and on Forza 2's community play - with more to come.]